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Light in the City in Hasselt - speakers

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Susanna Antico

With a degree in architecture and interests in urban planning and sociology Susanna brings a multidisciplinary background to architectural lighting design. Graduated with honors in architecture at the Hoger Architectuur Instituut van de Stad Gent (Belgium), since 1995 she has specialized her activities as a Lighting Design Consultant involved in architectural, artistic, urban and environmental lighting projects.

Her focus in research, teaching and practice is on creating a sustainable night-time identity of buildings and cities, by stating that livable cities require a human scale also in their lighting design.

Her expertise has allowed her to win several design competitions in Italy and in Belgium, such as Lighting Masterplan of Brugge historical city center, Antwerpen and the districts, as well as Hasselt historical city center and 5 town centers in the province.

Susanna is Guest Professor at the department of interior design of the School of Arts of Gent and the founder and principal of the consulting firm Studio Susanna Antico Lighting Design.

Johan De Bleser

Johan, who trained as a designer, has combined practical experience with teaching in higher artistic education since the very beginning of his professional career.

Amongst others he has been teaching design to the creative minds of future interior designers at St-Luc (now LUCA) in Brussels for more than 20 years. Alongside this Johan has extended his experience as a lecturer in the textiles sector to later move into the world of lighting. He now works as an architectural illumination light designer at Philips.

Johan adjudicates diverse theses and preserves cultural heritage through his involvement as a manager of art projects.

Jan Neyens

Jan Neyens, electronical engineer (K.U.Leuven, 1988), started his career at Laborelec, the laboratory of the Belgian Electricity Industry, where he was manager of the testing departments of LV and MV equipment.

He joined Infrax in 1999 where he is currently manager of the engineering department and asset management.

Koen Van Winkel

Koen has an Engineering Master’s Degree in Electro-Mechanics. He began his career in the business of transformers (lighting and industry), ballasts (HID and fluorescent), power supplies and drivers (LED), and today he has over 20 years of experience in lighting.

From 2006 he became heavily involved in the deployment and product marketing of wireless outdoor Telemanagement systems (owlet). In 2008 he joined the Schréder Group as the worldwide Product Range Manager for road and tunnel lighting and he is now responsible for European Marketing.

As an active member of the Smart Lighting work group within LightingEurope, he is involved in taskforces which discuss how to apply new technologies to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs whilst maintaining a legal reference base for safety and security.

Annukka Larsen

Annukka holds a B.A. degree with major in lighting design. Her main area of expertise is in urban lighting planning and education of architectural lighting.

Annukka has been coordinating the City of Light project in Jyväskylä, Finland since 2007 as part of a long-term consultancy project. Annukka was already involved in creating the Lighting Master Plan for the City of Jyväskylä in 1999-2000. Along the years she has worked on a number of lighting projects as a designer and she also contributes to the development of attractive city nightscape by guiding the lighting projects of the city and other actors in the field.

Since 2009 Annukka has been part of the team handling the Pro-Environment Urban Lighting project that aims on 40 percent savings in outdoor energy consumption. Annukka designs the Guerrilla Lighting illuminations.


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